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bebedeparis is a Spanish E-Commerce Company with more than 18 years of successful leadership in its sector, covering the segment of Baby Gifts for Newborns to be bought over the internet.It is directed to those people who want or have the need to send a present to the birth giving mum or the newborn baby, thus relatives, friends, working colleagues, business partners, family, etc; people who simply may not be able or prefer not to attend personally at the hospital or the newborn ́s home.

bebedeparis offers a wide catalogue of more than 200 references of different baby gift baskets, covering a broad price range starting from € 50 up to € 300.

The client can pick between standard or personalized baby gift baskets or boxes, choosing between soft furry teddies, trendybaby cloths, lovely personalized bibs, cozy newborn toys, all- round baby accessories, nice-smelling baby cosmetics, delicious chocolates or champagne, or special event-services for tired mums.

All products are own branded articles under the commercial name bebedeparis.

bebedeparis covers the whole buy-and-delivery-service for the final clients by delivering the nicely wrapped up and personalized gift baskets and elegant present boxes to the final destination at the hospital or the baby’s home or wherever it is meant to be sent.

A special distinction is given by the option to hand in the baskets by our elegant uniformed groom at the bebedeparis style.


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