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Bebedeparis Vision

Our vision

Bebedeparis has a fixed clientele, divided into Large Accounts or Multinational Companies and Small and Medium-Sized Companies, with  over 12.000 customers only in Spain.

These customers have made special agreements with us, as their Human Resources policies include providing a courtesy gift for employees, customers and business partners when they give birth.

The Human Resources Department, or General Manager’s Assistant are normally in charge of buying the gift baskets.

Some companies may prefer to order their baskets over the phone. The web page also includes a hotline in each country attended by a direct sales person. 

Our Vision

Technology Based Project

Our platform |BebedeParis

Our Target

The company targets companies and people who want to send a gift to the new parents (retail). No physical shops, only e-commerce.

A new commercial line has been opened by wholesaling to multi-brand shops (wholesale).

Our Target BebedeParis

Our Objetive

Creating the 1st international baby gifts network

Local markets are very fragmented. There is no international network of baby gifts.

Our Objetive BebedeParis

Our Competitors

Our competition is the international flowers delivery networks.

Our Competitors BebedeParis

Internationalization Plans

bebedeparis is now looking for exclusive international franchisee partners in each country.  The company has prepared a compelling business strategy aimed at bringing success to both franchisor and franchisee.

More than 80 different domains have already been registered worldwide and we have the trademark in 40 countries.

Internacionalization Plans BebedeParis

Our Spirit