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Business Keys BebedeParis

Useful Information

Useful Information BebedeParis

Initial Investment

-Entrance Fee: from €80.000 (depends on the country)

-Estimated warehouse and office adjustment costs: €10.000 (initial investment: civil works, furniture, uniforms…)

-Estimated equipment: €6.000 (office equipment, printing machines, embroidery machine, company car…Most of them can be leasing)

-Website: 10.000€ per language. Maintenance of the website: €3.000 per year.

-Initial stock for the first six months: from €40.000 (depending on the country)

-Digital marketing investment on its website: 15% of the total incomes per year (minimum €3.000€/month during the first year)

-Royalties: 3% of the total invoice every 3 months